Southport Fuel Injection  

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Southport Fuel Injection specializes in the fault diagnosis, repair or reconditioning of Bosch  K-Jetronic & KE-Jetronic fuel injection systems found on many European vehicles. These fuel injection systems are very different in operation to electronic fuel injection or, EFI & require very different equipment to service, fault diagnose & repair.   

Southport fuel injection is one of only two or three workshops in Australia that can offer a complete testing & reconditioning service of K-Jetronic & KE-Jetronic components such as fuel distributors & warm up regulators. SFI also stocks hard to get K-Jetronic & KE-Jetronic spare parts such as air flow meter potentiometers & electro hydraulic actuators (EHA units).

Some Vehicles that have Bosch K-Jetronic & KE-Jetronic Fuel Injection. 

Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Audi, Saab, BMW, Ferrari, Rolls Royce Bentley, Lotus, Renault, Delorean.

For a more detailed look at the K-Jetronic Fuel Injection system follow this